Studio Leroy Douglas Violins Eugene, OR

Old School Making Process

Following the traditional construction system "Sistema Cremonese," refined by Antonio Stradivari late 17th- early 18th-Century. Proportionally designed and created through carving and sculpting—all handtools: planes, chisels, gouges, knives, files, and scrapers.

Since 1997 my area of interest and research has focused on the most challenging of the stringed instrument family—mainly the violin. Both passion and commitment led me to Italy early on in studying the secrets of the Renaissance makers. By understanding the selection of materials and the working methods of the early master makers, coupled with contemporary research and insights, my instruments are created in the spirit of the Cremonese tradition: in beauty, tone, and playability. As a maker it is about cultivating a depth of sound, including tonal color: richness, warmth and complexity; and artistically speaking it is about line, proportion and form. The combined result—bench made professional quality instruments at competitive prices. A few select instruments available at this time. Member (VSA) Violin Society of America.

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2018 NW Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit

2019 NW Handmade Musical Instrument Exhibit

Mark your calendars Saturday, May 4th – Sunday, May 5th, 2019, for the next Northwest Instrument Show. The exhibition features instrument makers and performers of the Pacific Northwest. Held on the Portland Community College Sylvania campus located 12000 SW 49th Ave., Portland, Oregon.   See Map

The International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative

The International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative

Pernambuco has been used in the making of bows for over 250 years, enhancing the performance of stringed music for generations. Today, pernambuco is increasingly rare and endangered in many areas of its native habitat. Help preserve this precious wood.

Triennale Competition Cremona, Italy

16th International Triennial
Cremona, Italy

September 4th - October 10th 2021, the International Triennial Competition of Stringed Instruments. The event in its 16th year is an important opportunity for both violin makers and musicians from all over the world. "Triennale" competition of Violin Making Antonio Stradivari—every three years.